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Jason Sullins

Jason is known as "The Emperor." As the head coach, Jason is the main strategist and specializes at finding and fixing weak spots in his student's games. He strongly believes that drilling your techniques is the biggest key to success (hint hint) and makes sure the gym is open at least an hour before jiu-jitsu classes to give his students a space to drill.

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Issac Riggs

Issac is notorious throughout the Chicago jiu-jitsu community for his emphasis on fitness and training once you're tired. If you can't use your muscles in jiu-jitsu, then you're forced to use your technique. His Tuesday and Thursday advanced classes are a sure-fire way to get ready for competition and get in the best shape of your life.

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debbie roarty

Debbie is a perfect example of the power of jiu-jitsu to enable a smaller person to defeat a stronger and larger opponent. She teaches fundamentals in Naperville and her classes serve as an awesome introduction to jiu-jitsu.



Fred is a 1st degree black belt from Belo Horizonte Brazil. He has trained jiu-jitsu for 14 years and has had his black belt for 4 years. He has won several competitions in Gi and Nogi: division and open weight champ in the 2018 IBJJF Belo Horizonte Winter Open, double gold in 2019 LBJJ Copa Leao Dourado gi and nogi, and gi division silver in 2018 Belo Horizonte Choke Cup.

Fred has joined the Alliance Team to continue his training, to teach his style of nogi jiu-jitsu, and to compete for Alliance to bring home gold.

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kurt wuckert

Kurt is the fundamentals instructor at our Schaumburg location. He has a passion for teaching in general and it shows in his classes. Kurt specializes at figuring out how you learn and customizing his teaching style to your needs. 


Sean Burke

Sean Burke was one of the first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts in Chicago. He introduced many people to the sport through his own school, Force Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, before joining Alliance in 2015. He is a 2 time, black belt masters World Champion.



Leo teaches our weekly drilling class, where he helps his students chain together takedowns with the material most recently taught by our other instructors. His class is the perfect opportunity to get your drilling repetitions in. Leo is well known for his aggressive guard game, from which he will hit brutal sweeps, omoplatas, and armbars.



Brett teaches our no-gi classes at the Naperville location. He is a brown belt that specializes in leg-locks, darces and guillotine chokes. Whether you're brand new to no-gi or looking to tighten up your game, Brett is happy to help.

You are not the most important person in your gym. Your training partner is. They sacrifice their time, energy and body in order to train your art. For without them, you can’t train.

Respect your training partners.