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Evolution MMA has a much different philosophy than many other schools that teach combat.  Our coaching staff is unparalleled in technical expertise.   We focus on the development of our students no matter what their experience level - from novice to expert level.   We develop a personal program for each student based on their interests.  Why are we different from other schools?


√   It can be overwhelming to join a school with so many tough individuals and competitors on the mats.   

√  We are first and foremost interested in your goals and your aspirations.   

√  Safety is our primary concern we teach our students the basics first under direct supervision.

√  No other schools take this approach.  Many schools teach a technique and then throw you on the mat for open sparring where anyone from any level can compete against you. 

√  We do not allow this with our new students unless they have previous experience elsewhere and once gauged – we determine the level and competitors they can compete with safely.


 Our coaching staff is comprised of the most accomplished, technical, diverse instructors that any student would hope to find in a school.  Check out the accomplishments of our instructors and the feedback from our students and see for yourself.  We help anyone reach the physical or technical skill-set they wish to pursue.

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