Richard Ritchey


Accomplishments and Highlights


 • 2nd Degree Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Jason Sullins

 • Kenpo Blackbelt

 • 14+ years of Grappling experience

 • 8+ Years under the Carlson Gracie Team - 2 years under Carlson Senior

 • Ohio SA Open Advanced Gi Gold Medalist (13-1 for the day)

 • Ohio SA Open Advanced No-Gi Silver Medalist (13-1 for the day)

 •2 Time NAGA Gold Medalist

 • 1 Time NAGA Bronze Medalist

 • C3 2 Time Silver Medalist - Purple Belt

 • Cicero Challenge Gold Medalist 

 • Arnold Classic Silver Medalist (loss by advantage to UFC Fighter Terry Martin)

 • Boxing Experience with UFC Fighter Rory Markham and MMA Fighter Mike Corey

 • Sparring Partner to Pro MMA Fighter Tom Shoaff



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Author: Evolution Mixed Martial Arts

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