Isaac Riggs




 • 1st degree Black Belt under Leo Dalla

 • 1 time Pan American Champion

 • 2 time Rickson International Champion

 • 2 time NAGA Champion

 • 2 time Nebraska BJJ Champion

 • 3 time NAGA Champion

 • 2 time Grapplers Quest Champion

 • 2 time IBJJF Blackbelt International Open Champion

 • 2 time IBJJF Blackbelt National Champion



 • 2 years under Rodrigo Vaghi and Greg James St. Louis

 • 3 years under Jacare (Romero Cavalcanti) Team Alliance Atlanta

 • 2 years under Lloyd Irvin and Leo Dalla team Maryland

 • 1 year on cardio competition training with Rhadi Ferguson and Lloyd Irvin

 • 6 years under Carlson Gracie Chicago team


Personal Goal


      Teaching and assisting like-minded people on overcoming and conquering physical altercations and trials. My intentions are to help students see that they are capable of much more than their pre-conceived mental and physical limitations. I accomplish this by teaching and practicing BJJ with focus on pure techniques with correct cardiovascular conditioning.



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Author: Evolution Mixed Martial Arts

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