Philip Else

Evolution MMA's Boxing, kickboxing and muay thai instructor

 Evolution MMA's instructor Philip Else students have fought and won in MMA, K1 Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ( including no-gi, gi and combat jiu jitsu)  at both Amateur and professional levels!  Philip has been training Martial Arts for over 19 years and hold various high ranking levels for each Martial Art. In 1997 Philip  Started training Wado Ryu Karate  and in 1998 had his first competition in England. In 2006 Philip Turned from a Armature MMA fighter to Pro at FX3 in England. Since then he has held a current MMA record of 8-2 ( all wins by TKO or submission) in Professional Mixed Martial Arts in England and has made some outstanding accomplishments on his Martial Arts journey which are shown below.




Coaching Accomplishmns


  •  Coached the Reading University Thai boxing team in Reading, England
  • Head coach for the blue team at the 'Zero to Hero' white collar boxing event in Reading, England
  • Instructor for boxing and mma based fitness classes at various commercial and company gyms.
  • Mixed martial arts instructor at Waingels College, Reich Green School and St Crispin's high School in England
  • Promoter of the "Inter club competitions" MMA promotion company in Reading, England 
  • Organized and instructed squad sessions with different fight teams in Reading, England
  • Coached and instructed Mixed Martial Arts for The British Army
  • Trained (ufc ref) referee and judge Marc Godards 
  • refereed and judged at various competitions and fights in England.
  • Owner of Gods of War Mixed Martial Arts Gym in Reading, England
  • Valid (UK )first aid certificate.


Competition Highlights 


  • Professional MMA record of is 8-2 with all wins by TKO or submission 
  • Kayo MMA featherweight title
  • 2013 ranking number 10 in The professional UK MMA Featherweight division
  • 2014 ranking number 12 in the professional UK MMA featherweight division
  • Holdings of Multiple medals (over 30) in Karate, Kickboxing, No-Gi Jiu Jitsu, Gi Jiu Jitsu, armature MMA and Combat Jiu Jitsu!
  • Black Belt in UK Kickboxing
  • Black Belt in Freestyle Kung Fu



Philips Fight Videos


Philip talks about his upcoming MMA fight vs. Nathan Beer on Oct. 13, 2012. Instructor Philip won in round 3 by submission 

Not the best video but below is Philips Professional MMA Debut vs Valdo on July, 15 2006. For your American entertainment listen closely as a audience member repeatedly calls one of the fighters a "wanker".  We are curious as to what the auidence would do at a MMA fight here if one of us repeatedly called one of the fighters a wanker. Maybe we can try this out at XFO 57 when Evolution MMA's Mike Geiger fights at the united center.    


 Below is  Philips Gym "Gods of War MMA" in Reading, England

 We would like to thank Gods of war MMA gym out of Reading, England and the UK's Shock n Awe MMA Promotion company for the videos!




 In this Awesome but yet awkwardly hilarious video, Philip and his fellow fighters raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Research in London Valley by doing a Zumba class!

Sorry Philip Had to post this short gem! It's not everyday you see a class full of fighter taking a Zumba class.



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